Ball getting used to Georgia and RBs

ATHENS – If Georgia had to play a football game this afternoon, Thomas Brown would be the first-team tailback, but that's the only thing new running backs coach Tony Ball knows right now.

"I'm going to put Thomas Brown out there because that's whose name is on that board first, but I'm going to give Danny Ware and Kregg Lumpkin as many reps because I want that position to be very competitive," Ball said. "Whatever their shortcomings were or whatever problems they had last year, that doesn't concern me. I'm looking at how you walk right now. They are going to get the reps, and I'm going to see who can play."

Tony Ball became the Bulldogs' third running backs coach in three years when he was hired earlier this year to replace Kirby Smart. He inherits three very talented rising junior running backs and the task of finding the best way to keep them all happy and productive.

For now, he said, he's focused on learning the terminology of Georgia's offense and teaching his backs fundamentals.

"They know this offense. They are helping me right now," he said.

Ball came to Georgia after spending the last eight seasons at Virginia Tech.

"I was telling one of the coaches the other day, I even like the way the water is coming out of the showers I'm having such a great time," he said.

He has made a good impression on his new players so far.

"He came in and treated us like grown men," Danny Ware said.

Ware is the third-string tailback but said Monday that he has given no thought to transferring and won't consider it even if he still is third string at the end of spring practice.

"Nah, I know I have an important role on this team," he said. "I can't let down my teammates by leaving them. I signed a contract and that's a bond."

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