Oliver embraces leadership challenge

ATHENS – Paul Oliver spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's spring practices

Dean Legge: Tell me about how things are going for you…

Paul Oliver: Things are going pretty good. I am learning short corner – the position DeMario Minter played last year.

You told me about that during this winter. How much of a challenge has that been for you so far?

It's been a challenge. It's a totally different position from the wide corner considering that the short corner blitzes a lot more, and everything is quicker on that side of the ball.

More physical?

There's a lot more action – yes it's more physical.

There are new players that will be starting in 2006, but y'all have played a lot before, and you have made big plays before how do you translate the occasional big play to consistency over a season?

You have to stay on top of things. Making plays is a priority of ours, but we have to study film every week. We also have to do extra work and do what we have to make sure that we can put ourselves in position to win.

Does it feel different this spring?

Its does considering now it's all going to be on us instead of in the past. We are certainly in a leadership position now – everyone is looking to us asking us questions. But we have been working for this since we got here, and I think we are ready for it.

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