Profile 2003 - Jonathan Frazier (ATH)

At 6-6 and 210 pounds with a sub 4.6 forty time, <b>Jonathan Frazier</b> projects as one of the top athletes in the south. He's a wide receiver in high school, but he'll grow to be an end in college. The question is whether it will be tight end or defensive end.

Jonathan Frazier - ATH

6-6, 210, 4.55
Huntsville, AL - Virgil Grissom

School Preferences: Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona State, and Georgia

  • Summer Camps: Middle Tennessee, Tennessee, Auburn
  • Strength Numbers: Bench 265, Squat 360
  • Other Sports: Basketball
  • Junior Stats: 12 catches for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns

Profile 2003 - Jonathan Frazier (ATH)

It's tough to call any player discovered this early in the recruiting process a "sleeper", but that's exactly what Jonathan Frazier of Virgil Grissom in Huntsville, AL is. A raw athlete that has only one year of football experience under his belt, Frazier has the type of athletic ability that projects to several positions on the next level.

Frazier Stands 6-6 and 210 pounds right now, and he has excellent speed for a player of his size. Running on what has been described as a slow testing surface in Tuscaloosa, AL, Frazier ran a 4.7. "That artificial turf seemed a bit slow," said Frazier. "It killed my shuttle time. I've run a 4.55 forty time on concrete this year." While Frazier was unhappy with his shuttle time, what he didn't realize was that only 7 players in the camp ran better times than him that weighed more than 200 pounds. Frazier's time was actually very good.

Frazier plays wide receiver opposite on of the best players in the state at any position, Jayson Swain. With Frazier having so little time in football, he attributes his quick learning to the leadership of Swain. "He's taught me everything I know. He works out with me constantly to make me a better player. I think he's the best receiver in the state this year."

Frazier may help Swain avoid double teams this year, but his future may be at another position. With his frame and quickness, several schools are going to give Frazier a look at defensive end. Other schools will be looking at him to play tight end. Frazier could easily carry another 40 pounds in his collegiate career. While a 6-6/4.6 receiver may be a middle tier prospect, a 6-6/4.6 receiver that could end up playing defensive end at 250 pounds all of a sudden becomes much more intriguing. Colleges will get ample opportunity to look at Frazier this summer on the camp circuit.

"I went to the Middle Tennessee Camp in Alabaster. I'm going to Tennessee this weekend and to Auburn later this summer. My favorite teams right now would probably be Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona State, and Georgia."

With only one year of football experience, it's understandable that Frazier doesn't have any scholarship offers yet. However, it's only a matter of time. 6-6, 200+ pound athletes that can run do not grow on trees.

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