Dawgs after Maryland WR?

Quentin Grant recently spoke with LeTheo Proctor's father about his son's recruiting. See what he had to say about this wide receiver from Maryland.

What schools have currently been in contact with your son?

There haven't been a lot of schools in contact with him, but a lot of people are sending letters to the house.

Does he currently have any favorites at this time?

Tennessee, Maryland and Georgia are currently on his list. Also Toledo is on his list, but he's basically wide open.

Does he have any offers at this point in his recruiting?

No, right now he is just talking to Maryland, but no one has come forward and offered a scholarship yet.

Does he have any plans on where he wants to camp this summer?

Right now he may be going to Illinois for a camp next month, but I'm not sure. He's in Alaska right now, and Alaska football starts the first week in August. I talked with his coach this week and he said he was going to the Nike Combine in Portland and a camp in Alaska.

Has he attended any Junior Days or does he plan on attending any in the future?

No, he has not attended any Junior Days.

What's the main thing you are looking for in a school?

We are looking for a school where the athletes have a high graduation rate among athletes that attend the program. He wants to major in Sports Medicine, so he wants to go somewhere that has a good Sports Medicine program, but basically somewhere that is going to worry more about his education than him just being an athlete. I really want him to get a degree.

When is he looking at making a commitment?

Right now I'm working on trying to get him to commit early because he has enough credits to graduate in January and go somewhere in time for spring ball.

As far as his three favorites that you mentioned earlier, what does he like best about each of those schools?

Maryland for one is close to home and they have a nice facility that we went to. The last couple of years they have had a decent program and putting out some professional athletes. It's also a great school as far as getting a degree.

Tennessee has a good football program. In fact they have one of the best in the country. They also have a nice tutoring program with the athletes to help them keep up their grades. He really just likes the SEC in general.

He really likes Georgia's football program, but he doesn't know too much about Georgia just yet.

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