Diamond Dawg off to Fresh Start

Most students have a hard time adjusting to college life their freshman year. For Gordon Beckham it was no different. But for Gordon his hard time adjusting was on the baseball field.

The freshman shortstop from Atlanta began his career batting .059, that's just one hit in his first 17 at-bats. Since then he has turned it around. In his last eight games he is batting .448, which raised his overall average to .269. He is also 2nd on the team in home runs with four and tied for 2nd on the team in RBI with 17. All this while playing stellar defense out on the field.

The Bulldogs have advanced to the College World Series 4 times in the school's history. In two of those seasons the Georgia shortstop finished the season with All-American honors (J.R. Showalter - 1990, Jeff Keppinger - 2001). Now it's way too early to give him All-American status, but it's not too early for him to give the Dawgpost an interview about the season so far... and he did...

Dave McMahon - After 16 games, how comfortable do you feel now?

Gordon Beckham - I feel fine, I was pressed a little, but now I am comfortable, I feel locked in.

DM - How tough was it for it the beginning?

GB - It was tough, I've had slumps before, but this was one of my worst ones.

DM - Who helped you get out of it? a coach? a teammate? you?

GB - Coach (Doug) Sisson told me to relax, so I did. I took extra batting practice and I started hitting.

DM - What's with the power? You are 2nd on the team in home runs... Are you a power hitter?

GB - I am a little bit of everything... I just try to hit the ball hard and get a base hit... If it goes over the fence, it's even better!

DM - You started this season batting 8th, now you are batting 2nd... Do you like batting 2nd?

GB - It is my favorite place to bat. The leadoff hitting has the pressure on getting a hit and take off running, the 3rd and 4th place guy has to have the power, I like doing my own thing and giving it the best I got.

DM - Shortstop is considered the "leader" of the infield. You are by far the youngest of the regular infielders. Do feel any extra pressure being the leader and being so young?

GB - No, it comes with the position. I just do what I have to do.

DM - This Wednesday, you play Georgia State at the East Cobb Complex in Marietta. Is this the same place where you played your summer league games?

GB - Yes, same field.

DM - Any extra friends or family going to be there since the game will be played so close to your home?

GB - My grandfather might be there.

DM - Your father and grandfather both played football for the University of South Carolina. Any pressure to go to school there or to play football in college?

GB - No, my father wanted me to go wherever I felt happy. My mother was tougher to convince since she went to South Carolina as well. But after I visited here, I knew I wanted to go here and my parents were cool with that.

DM - Your theme music when your march to the plate at home games is "Your Love" by the group "The Outfield". Do you think it's ironic that you are an infielder and your music is a song by "The Outfield".

GB - No, it's just one of my favorite songs. I didn't want anything too pumped up, cause that might get me too excited and I might overswing. I just like the song and the fans like it, too.

DM - Thank you for your time and good luck the rest of the season.

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