Porter likes Dawgs, Clemson and Rice

Quentin Grant recently spoke with Fred Porter, a running back out of Judson High School in Converse, Texas. Fred had family that played for the Dawgs last season; what did he have to say about Georgia?

Quentin Grant: What schools are you currently hearing from?

Fred Porter: I'm hearing from Clemson the most right now. Earlier in the season I had heard from Rice and Georgia.

Do you have any favorites right now?

Well I like Clemson, but I also like Northwestern, Rice, Georgia and Virginia Tech.

Do you have any plans for camp this summer?

I am going to the Adidas camp in Nebraska, and I'm going to the Clemson camp. I may be going to some other ones but I'm not sure yet.

Have you attended any Junior Days or do you plan on attending any in the future?

I kind of live far away from everything, but I'm going to try and go to some.

Are you being recruited by any schools in Texas?

Well I just moved here last year in May from Virginia. So I'm mostly hearing from schools farther east.

What's the main thing you are looking for in a school?

Basically, academics are first on my list. I want to see if the school is good, the coaching staff, and see if my parents like it.

When are you looking to make your commitment?

Whatever is right, it just depends on the situation.

You mentioned Georgia as one of your favorites, what do you like most about them?

Well my cousin went there, and I was able to go there and spend some time. I really liked everything about the school.

Who is your cousin?

My cousin was the starting defensive end Will Thompson.

Have you heard anything from Georgia?

I talked to the coach last summer, but I haven't been in contact with them lately

Do you hope to hear from them in the near future?

Yes sir, I hope they will be in contact with me soon. I really like everything about Georgia.

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