Curran expecting Georgia offer soon

Brookwood Junior linebacker Rennie Curran discussed recruiting and his trip to a Georgia practice with Dean Legge.

Dean Legge: Tell me a little about practice. What it what you were expecting?

Rennie Curran: It was a lot more than I expected. I was really amazed – it was a great experience. When I fist got there I was able to sit down with Coach Jancek and watch film with all of the guys, and see the drills they do. It was just like I was on the team – everyone was cool.

Are you glad that Georgia is finally showing a lot more interest in you?

Definitely I am. Now that I am around them more I am learning more about the team and the coaches. I am feeling a lot better about them now.

Did they offer?

They said I should know by Friday.

I guess that means that they will offer?

It sounds like they will. I was talking with Coach Bobo and he said that he would be surprised if they didn't.

Updated me on who has offered you once more… I guess Auburn has offered, and Georgia seems like they are going to offer on Friday…

Georgia Tech, Mississippi State and Boston College. Five have offered so far.

Do you have a feel for any of them being in any order?

Not really. Georgia and Auburn are pretty much tied. Then Georgia Tech, then Mississippi State and the Boston College.

I know you went down to Auburn – tell me a little bit about your trip down there.

I really like Auburn – their coaches and their players. I get a warm welcome every time I go over there. The whole town is calm and quiet. It seems like a place where you can go and concentrate – there are not too many distractions. The defense is – I think I would fit in well with their defense.

Tell me a little bit about how you wound up at practice today – did they call you?

They started to send me a lot of text messages. I called Coach Bobo and Coach Jancek and talked with them and they said I could come to practice whenever I want to, so I let them know that I would be coming today.

You've talked about how you feel about Auburn and their defense, how would you fit in at Georgia? Would you be a middle guy or an outside guy?

I think most likely, I don't really know, most likely I think I would end up playing outside because of my speed. There is no telling where I could end up playing.

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