You Can Come Home Again

Georgia third baseman Ryan Piesel has been struggling lately, but on Wednesday the sophomore came home and came on strong early.

Ryan Piesel played at East Carolina in 2005 and did well, batting .306 with 4 home runs and 31 rbi.  But the Marietta native came back to play at Georgia this season.  Piesel has struggled, batting just .254 with 0 home runs and 7 rbi through 18 games.  

Then came Wednesday's game vs Georgia State in Marietta...

Even though Piesel only had one hit, it was big.  The former Cobb County Player of the Year came back to Cobb County and connected with his first collegiate grand slam of his career.  He would later knock in another run en route to a career-high 5 rbi in one game and after the game I talked to him...

Dave McMahon - Can you remember your last grand slam?

Ryan Piesel - I didn't hit one last year... I think it was in my junior year of high school.

DM - What was the pitch?

RP - Fastball, a little inside

DM - Overall you've been struggling as of late, can this turn it around?

RP - I think so, I've been swinging good as of late... I've hit the ball real hard during batting practice.

DM - The team has hit well during the week, but struggled vs Alabama last weekend, can the team use the strong mid-week hitting and continue it over the weekend?

RP - I think we can use it and hopefully carry it over when we play in conference.

DM - What is the major difference when you played at East Carolina compared to now with Georgia?

RP - The pitching you face every week.  I just started SEC play and I noticed how every pitcher knows how to locate 2-3 different types of pitches with ease.

DM - With the game here at the East Cobb complex, how many extra friends or family showed up for you?

RP - I had a lot of people here... I grew up 5 minutes away... my family, my friends and my high school coaches were all here... It was a lot of fun playing in front of them.

DM - Well, thank you for your time I hope you continue hitting the ball well.

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