Washington talks spring ball

ATHENS – Marcus Washington spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's spring practices.

Dean Legge: How have things been for you so far this spring?

Marcus Washington: So far things have been going well. We are just coming off mat drills and I am in tip-top shape.

That was your first mat drills…

It was an experience. It helps you get better with endurance, and to get physically and mentally tougher.

How do you get into the starting rotation? How do you get more playing time?


In what way?

Making plays; making all of the correct checks; being in the right position. Linebacker is like a leadership position – like the quarterback of the defense – in order for me to start I need to be able to conduct the defense.

What have you learned so far from watching guys like Tony Taylor and Jarvis Jackson?

Those guys are real consistent. They are not guys that fluctuate – they do it every day. They have great technique and footwork.

What has Coach Jancek asked you to focus on besides consistency?

Footwork – you could say that. Feeling comfortable on the field; confident in making calls.

You play linebacker, obviously, in the middle – who is the most difficult running back Georgia has to tackle?

Thomas Brown (laughing).


He's shot and he always stays low to the ground.

Is he short or just compact?

He's is unbelievably powerful for his size. You can easily misjudge him, but he packs a punch.

And he likes to tell you about that, too…

We always talk a little bit back and forth, but it's all good.

It seems like he is catching the ball out of the backfield real well, too…

Thomas has been a great athlete since I watched him his freshman year on TV. He was a great athlete since I got here – and I think he's only getting better.

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