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Football is not the only fall sport that has spring practice and scrimmages. Soccer does as well, and they have been very busy in their quest to improve on their 12-6-2 record from last year. The girls will play up to 14 games this spring in a period of just 6 weeks and many of them will be at their home field at The Turner Soccer Complex.

Last season, the girls were disappointed by not being selected to the NCAA Tournament, but this upcoming season the girls seem ready to excel. One girl ready to compete is redshirt senior Catherine Bruce and recently she sat down to talk to me...

Dave McMahon - How has spring practice been so far?

Catherine Bruce - It's been tough, we have had so many injuries... Our numbers are down, but we have been so intense, I think we are headed in the right direction.

DM - How many girls do you have left?

CB - We started with 14-16 girls this spring and our last practice we only had 8 competing.

DM - With this many practices and scrimmages does it feel like a full season almost?

CB - Definately... it is so intense... we are building something big here

DM - You being a senior, is it your job to motivate the team?

CB - We all motivate each other, on and off the field, even with our school work, we are always helping each other

DM - Much of the scoring offense from last season is no longer on the team (16 of 34 goals were by seniors last season) how do you replace that many goals?

CB - We are not about one person... we are a team... we are like a puzzle that needs all the pieces to work... it will be difficult to defend us.

DM - The defense is a big strength this season, explain...

CB - We are a much older group, we know each other real well... we are an experienced group and we have the mentality to win

DM - There is a very big recruiting class coming in (13 signees)... with the talent you have now, plus this class, how far can the 2006 Soccer team go?

CB - You say it every year, but I really think we have a shot at the SEC title and do well in the NCAA's.

DM - Thank you for your time and good luck this spring and for next season.

Saturday, the Georgia soccer team plays two scrimmages (10:00 am vs UAB and 7:00 pm vs North Carolina) and on Thursday, the girls travel to Atlanta to play the Mexico U-20's in the International Games.

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