Johnson: Offense got the better of us

ATHENS – Kelin Johnson spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's first scrimmage of the spring.

Dean Legge: What did you think about the scrimmage today?

Kelin Johnson: It was a good scrimmage as far as the defense getting after the offense is concerned, but I think the offense got the best of us today. We still have some things defensively, that we need to do. We need to make some more plays out there. Guys were there, but they need to wrap up a little bit more. The offense got the best of us today. The defense did some good things, too – don't get me wrong.

What would you say that y'all did well?

We ran to the ball well as a defense. Our defensive ends worked real hard as far as rushing the passer and getting a lot of sacks is concerned. The defensive line worked hard today especially in goal line. We had a good goal line against the offense. I guess that's one thing where we got them. As far as everything else on the day – I give it to the offense hands down. Our offense came out ready to work.

Why do you think they did so well?

I don't totally know. I can just speak to the defense and the things we need to work on. The offense came out fired up from the first play with Joe T's deep ball to Kenneth Harris – that set the tempo. They set the tempo before we did.

Did it surprise you that they passes as well as they did?

They passed the ball a little bit more today than they seemed to run it. They did a good job of throwing the ball today.

How about the defensive tackles?

They got after it during goal line drills – they really did. They were energized. I have to give it to them and the defensive ends – Quintin Moses and Marcus Howard had a lot of sacks today, too. As far as rushing the quarterback and so forth, I think we did well up front. But like Coach Martinez says – he'll get back to the film and really evaluate it. I can't really tell you everything; I am back in the secondary trying to do everything I am doing.

Let me ask you – where there any interceptions today?

Asher Allen picked up a fumble today…

How good is Asher?

He's got a lot of potential. I like him a lot. I love the way he works hard.

A lot of people have mentioned him lately.

Man – I am telling you – Asher is the man. I love the way he works. Coach Martinez is going to keep working with him, and I guarantee you that Asher is going to be a big-time playmaker for Georgia in 2006.

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