Brown pleased with offense during scrimmage

ATHENS – Thomas Brown spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's first scrimmage of the spring.

Dean Legge: What did you think about the scrimmage today?

Thomas Brown: I thought the scrimmage was good overall. I still think we have to get better offensively and defensively – the offense on the goal line for sure.

Do you think that y'all had a better day offensively than y'all expected?

I think we did well. I felt like we could have done a lot better than we did, but I was not surprised with the way we performed today.

What about the quarterbacks?

To tell you the truth, they all looked good to me. I think they threw the ball well, and made good decisions for the most part. They did a good job of making good calls and reading the defense.

Did any of them separate themselves today in your view? Is it going to be harder than people expect for Joe Tereshinski to lose that job?

Most definitely. I feel that way because he's played here the longest – he knows the offense the best. I think he's more experienced even though he does not have a lot of game experience. He does have the most experience running the offense. I think it's going to be harder than people try to make it seem that someone is going to come in and take his job.

Tell me about the performance of the running backs today…

I think we did well overall. We did well running and catching the ball. I think we could do better blocking. There were not a lot of blitzes today. I can't remember any time we picked up blitzes.

Do you think it was kind of a vanilla scrimmage?

Not at all. I think it was an all-out scrimmage – offense and defense ones vs. ones. We got after it pretty good.

Do you think y'all had a better day than they did in the end?

Definitely. Overall I felt like we dominated for the most part. We did well at everything we do expect for goal line where they kicked our butts.

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