Crawford getting used to college

ATHENS – Ricardo Crawford spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's spring practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me about your transition from high school to college so far…

Ricardo Crawford: It's a whole new level. Class is harder; football is more competitive.

What's one word you would use to describe it?


Has it been difficult to be away from home?

I think I have to get used to it. I went home for spring break, and I saw all of my family, so I am good right now.

How has it been hard being away?

I'm not there for my senior year. I miss all of my family and all of my buddies, and all of the fun times.

How about the competition out here – do you think you have picked up as much as you could have so far?

I have picked up a little bit, but I want to make it happen.

How about mat drills – how was that for you?

It was terrible. I don't think anyone likes mat drills at all. I tried my best to do what I could do – I almost died, but I did what I could do.

Did it get easier as it went on?


What did you think about it after the first day?

The first day I thought: "Ok, this is going to hurt, and I know it's going to hurt." The second day is what killed me. I thought: "Same thing as the first day", but they had a different rotation to it. They put all of the hard stuff at the end – they almost killed me that second day.

Has anyone tried to walk you through that and spring ball?

They told me about it, but they said that there is no possible way to get conditioned for mat drills.

How about getting used to going up again college offensive linemen…

It's been hard. You have to have the right technique; the right foot movement; the right hand placement; the right everything. You've got 100 pages of plays that you have to know – not easy.

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