Let's Kick It

There will be a new face for Georgia's soccer team this upcoming season that Bulldog fans will certainly enjoy. She is Ashley Stinson, a junior transfer from Virginia Tech.

Ashley's Stinson's resume speaks for itself. She was the 2003 ACC Freshman of the Year and the Hokies' team MVP. The forward led Virginia Tech in goals that season with 17. She had surgery on her left knee following the season, but still managed 3 goals her sophomore season. She told me her knee is now 100% and this is what else she had to say...

Dave McMahon -- Are you sure you are back to being 100%?

Ashley Stinson -- Yes, I don't even think about it any more... it's 100%

DM -- How has spring practice been for you?

AS -- It's been tough... we have had a lot of injuries... we are doing our best with what we've got

DM -- That's the downside to a tough spring... what are some of the positives?

AS -- I think spring practice is very important... the more experience of all of us playing together the better

DM -- You are new to this team, what have you noticed is the team's strengths?

AS -- Everybody is a family... we all work so hard together

DM -- What else?

AS -- Our defense is amazing, we've got great speed and height... the defense holds this team together

DM -- What else do you like about this team?

AS -- The coaching staff is very experienced, they really know what they are talking about

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck this spring and throughout the season

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