Higher and Higher

Kierney Jackson's goals have been set higher and higher this season, just like the height of the bar when she pole vaults. Kierney is a senior from Columbia, Maryland and she also happens to the 2005 SEC Outdoor Champion and the 2006 Indoor Champion in the pole vault.

She is a former walk-on and did not compete at all for 10 months due to a severe knee injury following her sophomore season. After a sucessful junior season, she got her knee scoped again. Now in her senior season, she is competing again and dominating and recently she spoke with me...

Dave McMahon -- When all the neighborhood kids were playing football, basketball, baseball or soccer... how does one start pole vaulting?

Kierney Jackson -- I took gymnastics for 13 years and then in my junior year in high school I hurt my shoulder... I wanted to keep active so I started running track in high school... one day the coach asked if anyone wanted to try the pole vault... so I did

DM -- You were a state champion in high school.. but you walked on here..did anyone offer you a scholarship?

KJ -- I was recruited at High Point in North Carolina, and Lafayette, that's all

DM -- You are listed at 5'3"... that's not typical for a female pole vaulter, right?

KJ -- No, at Nationals all the girls were 4-8 inches taller than me, but the record holder is in the 5'5", 5'6" range... it is an advantage, but it's not everything

DM -- Earlier this season, the Georgia women won the school's first SEC Indoor Track Championship... take me back to that day and explain how it felt?

KJ -- Well our strength this season has been the field events.. so we took the lead early and then we waited and waited... the last event was the 4X400 relay and we knew what we had to do and what other teams had to do and when it happened it was amazing... later on I watched the replay on TV and the announcers were saying how much of an upset it was... So it felt really great, because we won when we weren't supposed to.

DM -- Do you think you can do it during the outdoor season as well?

KJ -- We are going to try

DM -- Track and Field more than any other sport on campus has the most players from other countries and even other continents... is it hard for the team to communicate with each other?

KJ -- No, it's actually fun... we all laugh with one another.. we have crazy nicknames for each other... we have a great time

DM -- Any other funny things you do with your teammates?

KJ -- When my teammate Jenny Dahlgren won nationals, I told people that I was her publicist and any questions for her had to go through me... we had a great time with that

DM -- What are your plans after college? Any Track and Field?

KJ -- I plan on being a PA and possibly go to Emory or UAB. If I improve more on the pole vault I will see about that in the future... but right now I will stick with medicine.

DM -- Thank you for your answers and your time.

Georgia's Track and Field team competes this weekend in Atlanta and the following weekend in Athens at the Spec Towns Team Invitational. There will be competitions all morning and all afternoon long.

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