Obi discusses commitment to Georgia

ATHENS – Conrad Obi spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about his commitment to Georgia.

Dean Legge: Can you tell me a little bit about why you committed to Georgia?

Conrad Obi: The coaching staff – and I have a brother that goes there.

Do you know what you will want to play up there – defensive end I guess?

Defensive end.

What did Coach Fabris have to say about that?

Coach Bobo was saying that they were recruiting me as a defensive end. We have been talking about that for a while.

When did they offer you?


And you decided that you needed to jump on it?


Who else has offered at this point?

Florida, but there area lot of colleges looking at me.

What made Georgia so easy for you to pick?

I love it over there. It's such a great place. For a while I was thinking about Florida, but I was really just waiting on Georgia.

What was the most attractive thing about Georgia for you?

The facilities. Coach Tereshinski is doing the video thing, and that's what I want to do. I hope that he can help me out with that.

So you got the offer in the mail Wednesday, and you decided "Hey – this is the place for me.'

Actually they told my coach, and he told me about 11 AM Wednesday. We had a team field trip set up to go down there – the high school team had already planned it. From there I talked with Coach Richt and Coach Bobo. I told them that this was the place that I wanted to be.

What did Coach Richt say? Was he aware that you were on the verge of committing to Georgia?

No he didn't know. He gave the typical thing that I hear – that I hustle a lot, and that type of thing. Then he said that he wanted me to know that they were going to offer me. He told me that they had a scholarship there for me. He didn't know – I surprised him. I said: "I have been doing a lot of thinking, and Georgia is where I want to be."

Did he seem excited?

He did.

How was the recruiting from Georgia?

They didn't do anything too special. They were really nice. I am glad they didn't say anything like some other places – "You remind me of David Pollack." Or Maryland was saying that I remind them of Shawne Merriman – stuff like that. I don't want to hear any lies; just keep it real.

And you felt like Georgia did that with you?


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