New School vs Old School

The Georgia Bulldog alumni came back to Athens Saturday to challenge the current soccer team and won. Final Score 2-1, but that wasn't what the game was about. The important thing is the girls came back and enjoyed themselves and want to continue to be apart of the Georgia program.

As a collegiate head coach, Patrick Baker has had success everywhere he has gone. Even though, this is just Baker's second year at Georgia, he has won 189 games in 17 years and has won numerous coach of the year awards, all of this proves that he knows what it takes to be on top. One of things it takes is to have a strong foundation with your former players. Saturday's game vs the Bulldog Alumni is just one of the ways to do it. I asked Coach Baker and some of the alumni about what this game means to them and this is what they said...

Dave McMahon -- How important is this game in order to continue your relationship with the soccer alumni?

Patrick Baker -- It is very important to bring the girls back, just having them here is great. We have girls here from Bill Barker's and Sue Patberg's teams as well as a few from mine. Some came from far away to come back.

DM -- What can the soccer alumni do to help out the soccer team?

PB -- Soccer at Georgia is still in its beginning stages, but we have girls now living everywhere. They can be helpful identifying possible recruits when they see one.

DM -- Did you learn anything from today's game that might help your current team down the road?

PB -- I like that we are manufacturing scoring opportunities, but we are not scoring on them. It's been like that all spring... we've got to improve on that.

-- I also a got a chance to talk to a few of Georgia alumni... Stephanie Yarem, the first all-american at Georgia and Ali Williams, the 2005 SEC Offensive Player of the Year.

DM -- How important is it for the soccer alumni to continue being involved with the current soccer team?

Stephanie Yarem -- Very important, You want to give back to the team what you can, but sometimes its tough with former players because of careers or family matters.

DM -- Speaking of family your daughter showed up today.

SY -- Yes, my 8 1/2 month daughter Madeline came here and had a great time.

DM -- How often do you still play competitive soccer?

SY -- This is my first alumni game is 2 years, but now I try to play once a week.

DM -- And for Ali, you were on last year's team, how strange is it for you to now play for the alumni team?

Ali Williams -- I really enjoyed playing here, but playing on the alumni team is also a lot of fun, everyone here has a positive attitude.

DM What was some of your highlights in this game?

AW I really enjoyed playing with Stephanie Yarem. She is one of the best ever at Georgia and she is one of the nicest ladies in the world. It was awesome.

DM Since you've played with these girls last year, did you give the rest of your team some pointers on how to defend them?

AW Yeah, I knew a lot of their moves, but they also knew mine.

DM Are you going to come back next year for the alumni game?

AW I will certainly try to.

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