That came out of Left Field (or Right)

Baseball attendance has been way up over the last few seasons. The Ole Miss series alone averged over 2,000 fans and Saturday's game had over 3,000 people. These numbers don't even count some of the loudest fans the Bulldogs have. If you look out in the corners, in both left and right field, you will see a group of Georgia fans that are as loyal as they come. They are in the Left Field Lounge and sitting on decks of the green and brick houses above Kudzu Hill and they love the Dawgs.

Georgia Bulldogs baseball has been part of the university since 1886 and the faithful that sit outside the stadium may not have been at games that long, but they plan on being there for a long, long time to come. This past weekend I took time to talk to people in the Left Field Lounge and on the deck of the houses out in right field and they had some good stories and this is what they had to say...

Left Field

Dave McMahon -- How long have you been coming out here as a collective group?

Mike Poole -- We started coming out when Ron Polk took over coaching the Dawgs back in 2000.

DM -- How many people tend to show up?

MP -- We get anywhere from 20-30 people... that includes family and friends and we also get a lot of the players' parents to stop by.

DM -- How did you start your group?

MP -- We knew Coach Polk had something like this at Mississippi State, so we wanted to show that we could do it, too, and we did.

DM -- You have a lot of food out, how much is here?

MP -- Well, today we have about 75 pounds of crawfish and 20 pounds of shrimp and then we have a whole lot of other types of food all over. Certain games we have a theme, for example for South Carolina we like to bring out the chickens.

DM -- Which is generally your biggest day?

MP -- Usually by Saturday we have our biggest crowds.

DM -- Any fun traditions?

MP -- We like giving the other team's left fielder a hard time... also since we are right near the other team's bullpen we like to get him, too. So if the other team's relief pitcher starts off with a pitch in the dirt, we might of had something to do with it.

Right Field - Brick

DM -- How long have you been living here and enjoyed Bulldog baseball games?

Michael Shadeed -- I have been here since July but brothers in my fraternity have lived here for over 8 years.

DM -- Between both houses up here, how many people can you get on your decks?

MS -- We have had over 200 people up here watching the Dawgs. Mostly it's our friends and neighbors that are here, but anyone can come.

DM -- Which do you like better, day games or night games?

MS -- Night games get more people, but day games are more relaxing.

DM -- I know you are in foul territory, but has anyone hit a ball in your yard?

MS -- No, but current Bulldog Bobby Felmy has came close.

Right Field - Green

DM -- How long has you been living here and enjoyed Bulldog baseball games?

Daniel Delaigle -- I have had friends that have lived here for over 6 years.

DM -- Has anyone ever hit a ball this far into your yard yet?

DD -- No, but in batting practice, they come close sometimes.

DM -- How loud does it get up here?

DD -- Oh, it gets loud... we especially like yelling at the other team's right fielder... especially Clemson's guy... he is pretty good, but I think we've rattled him a few times and he might have left a game because of us.

DM -- Thank you all for your time and next time you are sitting at Foley Field, notice the group of dedicated fans outside the stadium and maybe together you can bring the Bulldogs a victory.

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