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Former Georgia football player Billy Bennett will soon appear in a movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox. He will play what else, a football player, after all that is one thing he certainly knows how to do real well. He ended his career with 87 field goals, the most ever by a collegiate kicker. After his playing days in Athens were over, Bennett has had numerous exciting adventures and he told me some of them in a recent interview...

Dave McMahon -- When you finished playing at Georgia, did you try out for the NFL?

Billy Bennett -- Yes, I tried for the Carolina Panthers and competed against former Bulldog John Kasay. Kasay ended up winning the job, but he helped me out a lot. He was a real nice guy.

DM -- Did you end up trying to play anywhere else?

BB -- I played for the Fort Wayne Freedom in the Arena League. Their normal kicker got hurt, so I got a call to play... I told the coach I couldn't make it up to Indiana right away, and he said don't worry, just show up on gameday. I played there for a few weeks, it was very short-lived, but it was fun.

DM -- Anywhere else?

BB -- I tried out for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadien Football League, but I didn't make it.

DM -- Tell me about this movie project you are up to?

BB -- Last week, I overheard that there were movie tryouts near by and they were looking for football players. The movie is called "We are... Marshall" and it's about the team that played the year after the Marshall football team's plane crashed in the early 1970's. So when I got to the audition, there were over 2,000 people trying out for football parts and they were all auditioning for one guy. He was eliminating people left and right for being too big, I guess because players weren't that big in the 1970's. Also in the 1970's players had longer hair, so I had that going for me. Also, there were not too many kickers trying out either. So when it was done, the guy in charge said I had the best combination for the kicker's part.

DM -- Is it a speaking part?

BB -- No, not as of yet. I do know that Matthew McConaughey plays the coach and I do have to meet with him this week and then we film in West Virginia later this month.

DM -- Besides this one of course, what is your favorite football movie?

BB -- I like "North Dallas Forty"... I just found out that former Bulldog Craig Hertwig a.k.a. "Sky" was in that movie, too.

DM -- What else have you been up to... still playing music?

BB -- Some, but mostly I am producing music for bands in a recording studio.

DM -- I can't do this whole interview without talking Georgia football... Besides winning the SEC, what is your favorite memory playing football for the Georgia Bulldogs?

BB -- I remember playing my freshman year against Tennessee and I was nervous against them since we haven't beat them in so long and even though I missed my only field goal of the season in that game, we won and the fans rushed the field and knocked down the goal posts... I had never seen anything like that ever.

DM -- What about the Alabama game in 2002 where you were "Man Enough"?

BB -- I like that one, too. A lot of people remind me of that game.

DM -- Good luck with everything and keep us posted on the movie.

BB -- I sure will.

DM -- So Dawg fans stay tuned to to find out the lastest on the your Bulldog news and on Billy Bennett's acting career.

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