Lucky Seven?

Suzanne Yoculan is all about one thing... winning. In this her 23rd year as the head coach of the Georgia Gymnastics team, she has had plenty of it. It's not enough. Even with 6 National Titles, 17 NCAA Regional Titles and 15 SEC Titles, she wants more and I don't blame her. The next step for her is this Saturday when the #1 ranked Gym Dogs host a NCAA Regional at 6:00 pm. But, before that Coach Yoculan sat down with me...

Dave McMahon -- As we head to the NCAA Regionals this weekend, you are the favorites to win this weekend and head to nationals two weeks later... do you enjoy being the favorites or play the role as underdogs as you did last year?

Suzanne Yoculan -- It doesn't matter. I've been in this situation before. We've been in every situation coming into regionals and nationals... we've been favorites, underdogs, we've come undefeated and won and undefeated and lost and we've had to come back and win as well. We've seen it all.

DM -- You've won back-to-back National Titles before (1998-99), how hard is it to win back-to-back?

SY -- It's hard to win back-to-back in anything, but we are not looking at that. We want to win it all for this year's team. I treat each year separate. Everyone else brings winning back-to-back up, but we don't.

DM -- You've won the NCAA Regionals 17 times in your career, how important is it to win regionals before competing in nationals?

SY -- It's important. It was hard last year because we struggled during the year and in regionals. We barely qualified for nationals and it was hard to build momentum, but we did it and won. This year, we have been building momentum all along, through the season, through the SEC Tournament and even now. There is no stepping back.

DM -- What has been some of your highlights this season so far?

SY -- We've had so many. The win at Alabama, at Florida and at Utah were all big because we won on beam and they were all so close. Each girl has had a different highlight this year.

DM -- Anything more you have to work on?

SY -- We're ready! We are so ready... regionals and nationals can't come soon enough.

DM -- Is this the youngest team, you've ever had?

SY -- This year and last year. Last year we had 1 senior, this year we have 1 senior. Also we have just 3 juniors and a lot of sophomores and freshmen. We are young.

DM -- Does it amaze you that they are so young and competing so well?

SY -- No, we've recruited so well in the past and every girl is so talented. What I am amazed is how quickly they come here and want to learn. These girls are great students and really want to learn to get better and learn how to win.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck during the regionals this weekend.

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