Making His Pitch

For freshman Iain Sebastian, Tuesday was finally here. Tuesday was the night where he finally had his first appearance pitching for the Georgia Bulldogs. Injuries to his collarbone and knee kept him out this year. The right hander did start in an exhibition game vs the Braves earlier in March, but that game didn't count. This game did and even though he did not get a decision, he was out there and that's what mattered. Soon after the game the former Top 100 National Prospect talked to me...

Dave McMahon -- Iain, you pitched 2 1/3 innings, allowed 2 runs, you walked 4, but you got out of some tough situations... how did you feel about your first performance?

Iain Sebastian -- It was OK.. I was kind of disappointed in myself. I didn't do the best I can do. Hopefully I can get stronger during the week and help out the team vs Mississippi State.

DM -- How close are you to being 100%?

IS -- Pretty close. I just had surgery 3 weeks ago on my knee. Hopefully by next week or soon after I will be 100%.

DM -- Any one pitch really working for you tonight, any one pitch not working?

IS -- My change-up was good, but I couldn't get my curve ball working.

DM -- Did you have a pitch count tonight?

IS -- Yes... It was around 50-60. I think I was taken out at the right time.

DM -- What did the coach say to you when he took you out?

IS -- Overall he was happy of my progress, but he said I had work to do to get better.

DM -- Let's go back a little, to your other debut when you pitched against the Atlanta Braves in an exhibition game, you struck out Chipper Jones and Brian McCann... did you keep the ball on either of those strikeouts?

IS -- No... I have no idea what happened to the ball those balls.

DM -- The whole team and some of the fans were calling you "Sea Bass", because of your name... which movie had the better Sea Bass scene... "Dumb and Dumber" with former NHL star Cam Neely playing Sea Bass in the diner scene or "Austin Powers" when Number Two supplied Dr. Evil with mutated sea bass that were ill-tempered?

IS I like the "Dumb and Dumber" scene better.

DM Thank you for your time and good luck the rest of the season.

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