2006 Spring Practice: Day 13 News and Notes

ATHENS - News and notes from Georgia's 13th spring practice.

QUARTERBACK TIDBIT: In what has been a quiet spring for quarterback news, Richt offered the tiniest of peaks behind the curtain Wednesday. It involved Tereshinski, who has been viewed as the honorary No. 1 quarterback throughout spring.

"I would think he's going to roll into fall as the No. 1 still," Richt said. "I haven't seen anything to make me think we shouldn't do that."

Richt continued, though, and suggested not for the first time that the quarterback battle could extend into the first game of the season.

"I think it's very possible," he said. "Game day is what kind of separates the guys sometimes. I haven't felt like anybody is pulling away by a long shot in the spring."

TACKLES WANTED: Chris Davis, Josh Davis and Justin Anderson probably are worried mainly about their prom right now. In the fall, though, they'll have more a more pressing matter at hand.

One of those incoming freshmen offensive linemen probably will have to play this year at tackle, offensive line coach Neil Callaway said.

"We'd like to have one of them, yeah," Callaway said. "You'd always like to have more security and more depth."

The Bulldogs only have three scholarship tackles – Daniel Inman, Ken Shackleford and Michael Turner – this spring. (Inman and Shackleford are the starters.) In 2002, Georgia made it through an SEC Championship season playing just three tackles, but Callaway said he'd rather have four or five at his disposal.

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