The Lone Senior

She is the only senior on this year's gymnastics team and she is the only current Gym Dog to have received a perfect 10 during a collegiate meet, but the only thing on Brittany Smith's mind is another NCAA Championship. The road for Georgia's 7th NCAA title continues this Saturday as Georgia hosts a NCAA Regional. Who knows what is in store for her later this week, this month and what about next year? I tried to find the answers to those questions when I talked to her this week...

Dave McMahon -- Being a senior, this is your last run for a NCAA Championship, what are you thoughts about that as you head into the regionals?

Brittany Smith -- This is huge! I just love being a part of a team that can accomplish this. It would be so great to leave Georgia with back-to-back championships.

DM -- Would going undefeated make it even more special?

BS -- It would be pretty incredible. The Gym Dogs haven't gone undefeated in a long time. It would be a great honor to be part of a team that does that.
DM -- How healthy are you? Are you still a little banged up?

BS -- Both my ankles bother me somewhat, but I think I can go this weekend. If not I will definately be ready for nationals.

DM -- Do you find it strange with all the talent on your team, that you are the only current Gym Dog that have recorded a perfect 10 in college?

BS -- We have so many girls on this team that can do it. They certainly have the talent to do so, but judging is so tough now, but I think it can be done.

DM -- This Saturday will be your last meet in Athens... your thoughts?

BS -- It's going to be sad. I love competing in Stegeman. Having 10,000 fans cheering you on is really great. I'm really going to miss that.

DM -- What are your plans after graduation?

BS -- I would like to work in a upscale restaurant in Atlanta on the business side.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck the rest of the year and with your future.

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