Who will hold for Coutu?

ATHENS – Brandon Coutu spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's spring practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me a little bit about your spring, and how you think its going for you…

Brandon Coutu: I feel pretty good about it. Right now our number one goal is to find a snapper, and a holder so that we can get some rhythm. This summer we will get a lot of work, and we want to narrow it down to the guy that we will be working a lot with.

How difficult has it been working with guys that may or may not be the guy in the fall? In the past you have known who was going to be holding and snapping…

I was used to what Brian Jordan did while snapping. I knew when he was going to snap the ball – I could tell by his mannerisms; and I trusted Lee, too. It's been tough coming in here and having to work with two different guys, but that's what the spring and summer is for. All we have to do is build some chemistry and get on the field together, and I think we will pick up where we left off.

How much will y'all work during the spring to get the rhythm of the snap, hold and kick together?

I think the big thing this spring is that we want to narrow it down as soon as we can. Everyone snaps a little different, and everyone holds a little different – there are different patterns. I have to see who is snapping and holding so that I can get used to what they are doing. That's been our biggest emphasis this spring – every day we work on snapping and holding, and getting those guys ready. Obviously, Gordon (Ely-Kelso) and I are stilling working to get better.

How much say do you have in the snapper and the holder?

I would like so say that I have all of the say, but the coaches – we are really all on the same page. I think one guy is going to end up standing out, and I think I will be comfortable with that guy. We will all be on the same page once the ball comes.

Have (the coaches) ruled out Joe Tereshinski being the holder if he is the number one quarterback?

Right now for holding I am leaning towards Gordon and Brian Mimbs because it is hard to get a quarterback to work a bunch. If we were at practice all of the time together we could work. Right now holding has been narrowed down to Gordon and Brian.

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