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The Georgia Bulldogs baseball team travels to Starkville, Mississippi this weekend to face the other Bulldogs. Leading the other Dogs is Ron Polk who led Georgia for two seasons in 2000-01 and took the Dawgs to the College World Series during his final year. Current Bulldog Head Coach David Perno was an assistant under Polk during those two seasons and has an 8-5 record against him, but that's not important, the main thing Coach Perno has on his mind right now is to get back in the SEC race.

Dave McMahon -- Obviously you want to win, but what do you have to do to get the Georgia Bulldogs back in the SEC race?

David Perno -- We have to win big moments. We are playing pretty good overall, but we are not getting the big pitch, the tough out or the timely hit as much as we need to. We did it against Arkansas, but we didn't do it against Ole Miss... we need to do it this weekend.

DM -- What did you learn from Ron Polk while you were an assistant under him?

DP -- He is a true ambassador to the game. He never got too excited. He was always on an even keel. I try to be like that, although some times I get too excited.

DM -- Not counting records, compare where your team is now, to last year's team.

DP -- I think we are better this year. Our team is not panicking. We have the confidence that we can win. The eager to win is there, too. Now, we just have to do it.

DM -- Any pleasant surprises on the team so far?

DP -- We have many surprises on this team. Adam McDaniel is doing extremely well. He played third base for us during his first two seasons and now he leads all pitchers in total appearances. Joshua Fields has pitched well also. A lot of our players are playing well.

DM -- From what you have seen so far in the SEC, is it still the best conference?

DP -- It's better than ever. From top to bottom it is great. For example, Ole Miss came into last week 1-5 in the conference and swept us. They might have the best infield in the league. Look how well Kentucky is playing. There are no weaknesses in this league.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck this weekend and the rest of the year. After this series, Georgia will face Georgia Tech on Wednesday in Atlanta. The next home game for the Bulldogs is on April 18th vs Mercer.

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