Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Cortni Joyner is an outside midfielder for the Georgia Bulldogs soccer team. Her strength is her speed and she used it to her advantage last season as she led the Dawgs in assists last season with six. Cortni does more than assist goals, she assists in keeping the team loose and relaxed and makes sure everyone is having a good time. I certainly had a good time when I interviewed her and I hope you do as well as you read her responses.

Dave McMahon -- You have been injured on-again, off-again all spring... can you name all the injuries you've had in the last month or two?

Cortni Joyner -- Well, let's see, I hurt my hip, although I am playing through that. I hurt my right knee, my right hamstring, basically everything on my right side. I usually tell my trainers everything is alright... Athletes sometimes lie just so they can play.

DM -- Even with all the injuries you have... are you still the fastest player out there?

CJ -- I think so, but that's my job.

DM -- You're not the only one getting hurt this spring. How does the team keep its moral up?

CJ -- It has to be a total team effort. We have to just stay focused on what we are doing.

DM -- What is the main responsibility as an outside midfielder?

CJ -- I have to run at people... I'm always looking towards the goal. I combine with forwards to make things happen.

DM -- You made things happen last year by leading the team in assists. Does that mean you are the ultimate team player when you lead in a category such as that?

CJ -- Leading in assists is great. My forwards did a great job last year... they made my job a lot easier.

DM -- I hear you also do a great job in dancing and singing... what is your favorite song to sing?

CJ -- I like singing "I want you back" by the Jackson 5.

DM -- Which teammate would be your number one singing partner?

CJ -- Catherine Bruce is always backing me up.

DM -- I hear you like Superman... is this true?

CJ -- I am a big Superman fan. C'mon he is the man of steel. I think the idea of having a superhero and Superman is the best.

DM -- Thank you for your time and believing in the truth, justice and the American way.

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