Newest Dawg Talks About His Commitment

The Georgia Bulldogs aren't looking for a lot of help at linebacker in their 2007 class due to a strong contingent of future ‘backers who signed with UGA back in February. However, they got the man they wanted on Saturday afternoon when Brookwood linebacker Rennie Curran committed to the Dawgs.

"I just committed to Georgia because number one the location being near my family was ideal. The coaches and the environment and is great. Coach Richt is a God fearing man and I know I can trust him. I love the tradition and the fans. It's been my dream forever to play over there," Rennie Curran said.

How did he inform Coach Richt?

"During halftime Coach Richt was getting an award and then he came back and we went into a meeting. I thought about everything and I prayed about it and I think UGA is the best place for me. He was very happy for my decision. He thinks I can have a big impact real early and he likes my leadership characteristics and just the person I am. He felt real good about me coming over there."

The Bulldogs linebacker coach also had some words for his newest pupil.

"Coach Jancek was real excited and he had a lot of good things to say. I know they have four linebackers coming in this year, but I think I can have a chance to make an impact early."

He is currently slated to man the weakside for Georgia.

"I think I definitely fit in on the weak side. I don't think it's out of the question that I could continue playing Mike at Georgia also. It just depends how fast I learn the system."

Curran has had to listen to his critics tell him he's too short since as long as he can remember, but he just uses their words as fuel to his fire.

"People may say I lack the height but I don't pay attention to them. I've never been too short to do anything and it's kind of a motivation for me. I want to prove them wrong."

Despite the overcast skies and stormy morning in Athens on Saturday, Rennie still enjoyed his time at G-Day.

"I loved the game. At first it was exciting but towards the end it got really exciting especially for the defense. They started making a lot of interceptions and I got to see Asher Allen take one all the way back. I can't wait to be a part of it."

The newest Bulldog also got started on some recruiting of his own.

"I talked to a bunch of guys. Conrad Obi and I are really good friends. I talked to Caleb King and Munzenmaier. A lot of other kids like Nick Claytor too. Me and Conrad were really working on Caleb. We told him we'd be SEC Champions like every year. He just said he didn't know yet what he wants to do."

Curran becomes the 3rd commitment for Georgia in the class of 2007…

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