How 'bout them Dawgs... eh!

As everyone knows former Georgia Bulldog great Robert Edwards' NFL career was cut short. He starred as a rookie with the New England Patriots in 1998, then he had his infamous "beach football" injury. After a few years of re-hab, he came back with the Miami Dolphins in 2002 and despite averaging over 5 yards per rush as a 3rd down back it was his last NFL season. Edwards was on the sidelines for this year's G-Day and he talked to me about what he has been up to.

Dave McMahon -- Welcome back to Athens, what have you been up to since the last time we saw you running in the NFL?

Robert Edwards -- I am now playing in the Canadian league for Montreal. I ran for almost 1,200 yards last year and I am playing up there again this year.

DM -- What other former Georgia Bulldogs are playing up there in Canada?

RE -- My brother Terrence plays up there with me. Also Quincy Carter is now on my team. Bernard Williams plays in this league, too, and so does Tim Wansley.

DM -- How is your leg?

RE -- Feels fine... Everything's great.

DM -- What were some of your favorite memories playing for Georgia?

RE -- It has to be the Florida game back in 1997. We finally beat them and it was great. We almost won the SEC's that year, but Tennessee was hot that year, too.

DM -- Do you ever get a chance to talk to the current running backs that Georgia has now?

RE -- All the time. I talk to all of them. I also talk to Coach Mike Bobo all the time. I used to talk to Kirby Smart when he was coaching the backs. I haven't got a chance to talk to the new guy, Coach Ball yet, but I will.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck in the CFL and if you make it back to the NFL.

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