Goes to 11?

The Georgia Bulldogs women's golf team is ready. The team has won 10 SEC titles, the most by any team in the conference, but they have not won a title since 2001. Last year, they lost in a playoff to Auburn and this year they can't accept that. The team is currently ranked in the Top-5 and have won their last two tournaments, but now it's different. This weekend is the SEC's and Coach Todd McCorkle wants a title more than ever and recently he talked to me and this is what he had to say...

Dave McMahon -- Heading into the SEC's, your team has won their last 2 tournaments, are they at their best right now?

Todd McCorkle -- You can always improve. Yes, we are playing well, but you have to pull out something special in the SEC's or NCAA's.

DM -- Georgia has won 10 SEC titles, the most by any team in the conference, but they haven't won since 2001, how important is it to get that edge back?

TM -- First of all, thanks for reminding me and second... last year's lost was a heartbreaker, we lost in a playoff. This year's team is more mentally tough, they know how to win and want to win bad.

DM -- You have played 3 freshmen in your starting lineup all year, have you ever been in that situation before in all your years of coaching?

TM -- No I haven't. But, today's freshmen are so much different from freshmen in the past. By the time they come here, they have played all around the world. They all have an extensive resume. I consider them veterans already.

DM -- The older girls are contributing as well and they are all fighting for a spot in the starting lineup?

TM -- Our Junior Whitney Wade has been doing great, she is currently ranked 12th in the nation and our seniors are always fighting for that 5th spot. The problem, if it is a problem is that we have 7 Junior All-Americans on the roster and only 5 spots.

DM -- What are some of the team's strengths?

TM -- Our depth is a definately a strength. Our team's enthusiasm is great. They are so energetic and have a great desire to win. Their strength in golf would have to be their ball striking?

DM -- Does the team have any weaknesses... or anything they have to work on?

TM -- Probably their short game. It is not where I like it. We will continue to work on that all the time.

DM -- When you get to the SEC's and NCAA's how much of collegiate golf is mental?

TM -- About 75%. But this team can handle it.

DM -- Have you ever played against the girls yourself... and how did you do?

TM -- I don't play against them as much as I used to because of all the other demands that coaches have now. But I hold my own against them.

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