"Playmaker" ready to make mark in Athens

Mario Raley describes himself as a "playmaker". What has he been doing in the off season?

The Playmaker is ready. Mario Raley describes himself as a "playmaker". He says that he will be in Athens in early July and will continue his hard work there.

"I am been working hard every day. My coach, Coach Knox has been working with me everyday."

Raley went on to explain that Jerry Rice is the athlete that he looks up to the most.

"I look up to Jerry Rice, he is my idol. Everything like Jerry."

He went on to say that he enjoys blocking downfield and that he plans on seeking advice from current Georgia stars Fred Gibson and Terrence Edwards.

"I am big on blocking down field. I plan on looking to them (Fred Gibson and Terrence Edwards) for advice."

Although Raley admits that the transition from high school to college will be a difficult one, he feels like he will be fine in the end.

"The whole atmosphere is going to be a challenge. I plan on going out there and playing hard. I plan on making plays."

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