The second time around

Sophomore Gymnast Audrey Bowers has been a fan of Georgia Gymnastics for a long, long time. Winning the National Championship during her freshman season was great, but there is nothing she wants more than to win another one during her sophomore season. Last week she scored a 9.85 on the floor during the NCAA regionals. Recently she sat with me and told me how she is preparing for the Nationals coming up later this month...

Dave McMahon -- How special would it be if you national titles in each of your first 2 seasons at the University of Georgia?

Audrey Bowers -- It would be awesome! As a young girl, I used to go to Georgia gymnastic meets all the time. I remember watching the 1998 and 1999 teams and how great they were. I loved it last year and I can't believe we are doing it again this year. Both years were very exciting but different kinds of exciting.

DM -- Being from Georgia, how many family members and friends show up for each meet?

AB -- A lot. My parents, my grandparents, my sister and her boyfriend and many, many friends attend the meets.

DM -- How many will show up for nationals in Oregon?

AB -- My parents will be there. I think my sister will and maybe my aunt will, too.

DM -- It seems the bigger the event, the more you step it up, do you get an extra boost when it's a big meet?

AB -- I think each meet is exciting in its own way. Of course SEC's and NCAA's are big, but so are meets like Auburn. It's special because my sister went there.

DM -- You seem to be one of the vocal leaders on the team... you are always cheering and you really get the team motivated. Is this something you have always done?

AB -- I guess I have always been kind of loud. It is just my personality to be that way. I really enjoy cheering on my team.

DM -- You had an uncle run track at the University of Georgia, do you have any other athletes in the family that will compete for the Dawgs?

AB -- I have a lot of young cousins, but they are too young to tell if they will be good athletes or not.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck in Nationals later this month.

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