Buford Tackle has Dawgs in top 2

There is a shortage of true offensive tackle prospects in the south, but one that is garnering a lot of attention is 6-6 tackle <b>Trey Chandler</b>.

Trey Chandler - OL

Offensive Line
6-6, 255, 5.2
Buford, GA - Buford

School Preferences: Georgia and Florida State lead Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina

  • Offers: Georgia, Florida State, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, and Alabama
  • Coach's Comments: Mentally & Physically tough, hard worker. - Coach Dexter Wood
  • Junior Stats: 91% blocking grade, 64 tackles and 2 sacks

Profile 2003 - Trey Chandler (OL)

There is a shortage of true offensive tackles in the south this year, but Trey Chandler has emerged from the peach state as one of the most sought after in the south. At 6-6 and 255 pounds, Chandler has the perfect frame to build on at the next level. Chandler had shoulder surgery in January, and he's ready to start building on his impressive potential.

"My shoulder was just naturally loose," said Chandler. "It kept popping in and out of socket during games. So I had some surgery in January to tighten it up. I'm pretty close to 100% now though. I've been lifting and running all spring. My squat and clean are back up to where they were before, but my bench is still a little behind."

Several schools have seen the potential in Chandler and have offered him scholarships this fall. He currently has offers from Florida State, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia Tech. "Florida State was my first offer. Then is kind of snowballed from there, and a few more came in. Georgia and Florida State are my top 2 teams right now. I like Tennessee a lot, as well as Florida and South Carolina."

Chandler already has plenty of options, and he is not in any hurry to make a decision on where he wants to end up in college. "When I make a commitment, I want it to mean something. I'm going to take my time and make the right choice. I don't want to make an early decision and have things not work out down the line or something."

Chandler talks like a kid with a good head on his shoulders, and it's no surprise that he's already fully qualified. Chandler is a good student and a good player, and his stock is on the rise in the south.

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