Listen to your older sister

The NCAA Championships in Women's Gymnastics are coming up in a week and once again, the Georgia Bulldogs are one of the favorites to win it all. If the Dawgs win, it will be back-to-back titles and their 7th team title overall. One of the leaders of this year's squad is Junior Ashley Kupets. The 4-time All-American sat with me and talked about the NCAA Championships, competing with her younger sister and a lot more...

Dave McMahon -- How exciting is it to be part of a team that win back-to-back NCAA titles?

Ashley Kupets -- It's very exciting, but I try not to think about it. I just try to focus on what needs to be done today and what needs to be done through the nationals.

DM -- Last year the team struggled, but still won it all, this year the team has gone undefeated so far, is the team just more focused, relaxed, pumped up or what?

AK -- This year we are so more relaxed. If you see us we are constantly singing and dancing and having a great time. We are not too relaxed, we know what we have to do, but we are more relaxed than last year.

DM -- Your bio says you're from Maryland, but didn't your parents recently move to Athens?

AK -- Yes, and it's great. I get to see them a lot. I get to see my brother play basketball and I can go home and do laundry.

DM -- We all know your sister is on the gymnastics team as well, but did either of your brothers compete in gymnastics?

AK -- No, my younger brother plays basketball and my older brother did pole vault on the track and field team.

DM -- Does this year's National Championship run mean more because your sister was competing here with you on the team?

AK -- This whole season was special. I love competing with her. Last year she was always telling me that she couldn't wait to come to Georgia so she can win a championship with me and now we might just do that.

DM -- Where were you when your sister Courtney won the silver and bronze medal during the 2004 Summer Olympics?

AK -- I was right there in the stands cheering her on.

DM -- Besides a gymnastics event, what is something that you do better than Courtney?

AK -- I can draw better than her.

DM -- What is something that she can do better than you?

AK -- She is better in board games than I am.

DM -- Thank you for your time.

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