Added Strength

Mark Richt wasn't the only football coach that Georgia got out of FSU after the 2000 season, Dave Van Halanger came over as well to be the Strength and Conditioning Coach. Prior to coming to Georgia, Coach Van Halanger held the same position for 18 seasons at FSU and 5 seasons at West Virginia. The award-winning coach was inducted into the Stength and Conditioning Hall of Fame in 2003. Earlier he spoke with me about the football program on how they did this spring and their future.

Dave McMahon -- From the strength and conditioning side of things, how did the football team look this spring?

Dave Van Halanger -- Very Good. From mat drills through G-Day we showed good progress. Also, we stayed healthy overall and that was definately a plus.

DM -- Who looked real good in your opinion?

DVH -- Asher Allen showed great speed and Jeffrey Owens just kept on getting better and better. A lot of players looked real good.

DM -- How did some of the players who redshirted last year look this spring?

DVH -- I think Roderick Battle has a very bright future. He got bigger and stronger, he just needed some time. Also Kade Weston had a nice spring. Ian Smith worked real hard and I think he is going have a good future here as well.

DM -- You mentioned Asher already, but what other early enrollees looked good this spring?

DVH -- Ricardo Crawford showed great potential and Kevin Perez worked hard, but he needs to gain some weight.

DM -- Who are some of the former Bulldogs that you are impressed with as a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

DVH -- Ben Watson was truly amazing. He did it all. Kedric Golston and Max Jean-Gilles had so much strength. For his size, Thomas Brown has it all, too.

DM -- What's next for the football team?

DVH -- Monday after the spring game we started working on speed training. Most players don't like Mat Drills, but many of them do like the speed training. One of the skills we do is running 40's with a bungee cord for resistance. Ramarcus Brown and T.J. Gatrell looked good in those drills.

DM -- Do you go all year around?

DVH -- Almost. Due to NCAA rules we can't. But the players are training pretty much all year. They know they have to in order to compete for a position. We can't be there for everything, but if they need help we can give them some advice.

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