Golston gears up for NFL

ATHENS – After four years, three SEC East Championships and two SEC titles, Kedric Golston will make his way to the NFL in next week's NFL Draft. The Tyrone native is known at Georgia for his toughness – now he'll get a chance to show how tough he really is.

Many NFL scouting services (including Scout.com's) view Golston as a backup at the next level. According to Scout.com's TFY Draft Preview "Golston best fits as a backup in a conventional defense."

But according to Golston, all the scouting in the world won't get you ready for playing in the NFL.

"You can have everything set up," said Golston. "But if you can't perform on the field then it doesn't really matter."

Kedric Golston was a five-star prospect according to Scout.com in 2001. The network called him "The South's top defensive line prospect" that year. But after a car accident in which he suffered a broken leg, Golston's future in football was in doubt. He lost thirty pounds, and doctors were not able to put a cast around his broken leg because it was too big. Instead, Golston has a metal rod inserted in it, and he began – slowly – to recover.

By the time Golston arrived in Athens, nearly nine months after the accident, he was doing well. He had seemingly fully recovered, and started against Clemson in his first college game. From that point forward, Golston has been a fixture in Georgia's defensive line. He ended his career at Georgia with 30 starts in 44 games, 95 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 54 quarterback pressures.

Critics point out his injury problems in 2003 and 2005, but Golston dismisses that talk.

"A lot of people make getting ready for the next level more complicated than it really is," he said. "The coaching staff did a good job teaching us the right way to do things. You have been trying to better yourself the whole time you have been in college."

"The bottom line is that you have to play football," Golston concluded.

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