Bailey: Miami is in the lead

McIntosh County Academy junior linebacker Allen Bailey discussed recruiting with Dean Legge.

Dean Legge: How is recruiting going for you right now?

Allen Bailey: Good.

I guess you have been talked to by Georgia quite a bit – is that true?

No, not in the past couple of months.

Are they not contacting you the way they used to?

Yeah, I heard from them sometime last week.

Are you going to camp up there this summer?

Probably not.

Where you planning on going up there at any point?


Tell me about who has been in touch with you lately…

I went to Miami last weekend.

How was that?

Pretty good.

Are you very interested in Miami as well?


What's special about Miami to you?

I like that they are recruiting me as a linebacker.

So is the big thing if you play linebacker or defensive end?


What is Georgia recruinting you as?

When I talked with them last they were recruiting me as a linebacker.

And who is calling you from Georgia?

Coach Ball.

Has he been down to visit you yet?

No, but I think he is going to come down this spring.

Do you know when you will start to take visits?

Probably during the season.

Have you thought about where – it sounds like Miami will certainly get a visit…

Yeah. I have been to Florida, Florida State and Clemson already.

Did any of them stick out to you?

Florida did, but not the rest; Florida and Miami.

So would you say that Miami is your leader at this point?

Pretty much.

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