Talking with Eric Berry

Eric Berry is one of the top prospects in the state of Georgia this year. Last weekend he ran a 4.31 in the 40 at the combine. The cornerback from Creekside High School has schools from all over the country after him including many of the powerhouses from the SEC. Who will get his signature at the end, who knows, but he talked to me about how the whole recruiting process is going so far.

Dave McMahon -- What schools are you interested in so far?

Eric Berry -- Tennessee, Georgia, Miami, Texas and Ohio State.

DM -- Are any of those your favorites?

EB -- Right now I like them all the same.

DM -- Who is recruiting you at Georgia?

EB -- Coach Garner. I like him a lot. He is so intense on the field, but off of it he is a regular guy. He keeps it real.

DM -- What do you like about Coach Richt?

EB -- He is a real good person. He is very personal. He likes to create men, not just football players.

DM -- What position is Georgia recruiting you?

EB -- Cornerback, I also play safety and wide receiver.

DM -- Your uncle played at Georgia, didn't he?

EB -- Yes, my uncle is Bernard Williams. I watched him play in Athens when I was around 4 or 5.

DM -- Thank you for your time.

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