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Bernard Williams played for the Georgia Bulldogs from 1990 to 1993. After a season on defense, the 6'9" 310 lb All-American switched to offense for his last 3 seasons and helped lead the Dawgs to back-to-back bowl victories. After a short NFL career, he went north and has been playing in the CFL. He is a frequent visitor to Athens and he speaks to the current players when he can. Recently I ran into him (not literally) at the combine and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- There are over 200 kids at the combine, did you ever go through anything like this while you were being recruited?

Bernard Williams -- No, there were not any combines like this, schools had camps, but this is big.

DM -- You are currently playing in Canada in the CFL, how long have you playing there?

BW -- This is my 4th year.

DM -- What are the main differences in playing in the NFL and CFL?

BW -- The CFL is wide open. There is a lot more passing in the CFL. The field is larger and they have just 3 downs.

DM -- How often do you come back to Athens?

BW -- I go to about 2 games a year, but I come here a lot more with my wife.

DM -- Do you talk to any of the current players much?

BW -- Coach Mark Richt asks me to speak to the team every now and then and I do. I talk to Quentin Moses and Kregg Lumpkin a lot. I talk to Joe Tereshinski III, too. I remember him as a baby when he was with his father.

DM -- Do you keep in touch with your former teammates?

BW -- Yes, a lot of them. I play basketball with Demetrius Douglas all the time. I also talk with Greg O'Neal, Mitch Davis, Hason Graham and a lot more.
DM -- Why are you here today?

BW -- I am here to support my nephew, Eric Berry, he is a cornerback and I want him to do well. I would like him to play at Georgia, but we will see.

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