Claytor: No offer from Georgia... yet

Gainesville Junior offensive lineman Nick Claytor discussed recruiting with Dean Legge.

Dean Legge: How have things been going with Georgia lately?

Nick Claytor: I went to the spring game two weeks ago. That was great. There was a lot of talent there, from guys that were already committed to people who committed that day. It's good to see yourself around there with those kinds of people so that you can stack yourself up to them. That was a good experience. I got to get down on the field to see those SEC Championship rings… Man those are nice.

So what is your situation with Georgia right now?

Georgia looks at me, and they want me to come to camp. They want to see me move a little bit better. They want to see improvement from last year. That's where I stand with them.

If they offered you would you commit?

I wouldn't commit on the spot if they offered me…

But you would consider it I guess?


Who else are you looking at right now?

I've got offers form Auburn, LSU, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech and Illinois – who I am looking at hard. Florida is sort of the same situation as Georgia: They would like to see me move when I come to their camp.

So are you going to go to Athens and Gainesville for camp this summer?

That's what we are planning on right now.

Any others?

Auburn, Georgia Tech, Ohio State and I think I am going to try to go to Maryland, because I have an offer from them.

What is Georgia talking to you about as far as your footwork is concerned?

They want to see my lateral movement and my explosion.

What did Georgia's spring game seem like to you? Have you been to any other spring games besides Georgia's?

I went to Auburn's spring game…

How did they compare?

They are both really good at defense – that's going to be their strength this season. I think Auburn has a better quarterback situation. But after seeing them on the field flying around – these two teams are thinking National Championship; they have high hopes.

Tell me about your timeline in deciding where to go…

I am going to take my officials, and I will probably commit more or less at the end of the season.

What is John Jancek saying to you when he talks with you on the phone? Is he real eager about Georgia?

Yeah. We talk, and its not just about football – we talk about everything in life. He just says that they want me to come out there and show them a little bit more before they make that commitment to me.

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