Talking with Caleb King

Caleb King is one of the nation's best prospects. Earlier this month the Parkview High School superstar was at G-Day and last weekend he was a visitor at the combine. So far he has been quiet on his preferences, but he did give me some information on other things that Georgia fans might be interested.

Dave McMahon -- You were at G-Day this month, did you have a good time?

Caleb King -- I had a real good time. It was fun. I got to hang out with Coach Richt.

DM -- What did you two talk about?

CK -- We had a long talk. We talked about the Georgia offense and how I would fit into it.

DM -- Did you talk to any other of the coaches?

CK -- I also talked to Coach Bobo and Coach Ball. They were all great.

DM -- What Georgia players did you hang out with?

CK -- Some of the running backs like Thomas Brown and Danny Ware. I also talked with Asher Allen.

DM -- Do you have a top 5 of schools yet?

CK -- Not really, I have heard from 50-55 schools. I haven't narrowed it down yet.

DM -- Anything you are looking for in a school?

CK -- Location doesn't really matter. Facilities is important to me. I want somewhere I can play early.

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