NJ star interested in Dawgs, but wide open

Quentin Grant recently spoke with Anthony Davis from Piscataway, New Jersey. Davis is a big-time offensive lineman from Piscataway Township High School with offers from SEC, ACC, and Big Ten schools.

Quentin Grant: What schools have offered you so far?

Anthony Davis: Florida State, Miami, Georgia, USC, Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia, West Virginia, LSU, Illinois, Boston College, Temple, Tennessee are the ones that I can remember but I always forget some.

I heard a lot of ACC, SEC and Big Ten schools on your offer list; do you have a preference of conference? Does one conference stand out more than another?

Probably the SEC, because it's more aggressive than the Big Ten.

Do you have any favorites out of the schools you listed?

No, not really.

Where are you planning on camping this summer?

I might go down to USC. That's about it after that I will just be going to combines.

What combines are you planning on attending?

Scout.com at Rutgers, the Nike combine at Rutgers and the Elite combine.

Have you been to any Junior Days recently?

I went to Rutgers because it's right around the corner.

Do you plan on visiting anywhere in the next month?

I might go to Miami, but the rest will be during next season.

What are the main things you are looking for in a school?

Graduation rate, the coaching style, and the depth chart to see how soon I will play.

When are you planning on making a commitment?

I started playing football in the ninth grade, and I seen all of the players committing at the All-American game. I would like to do the same thing.

So you would like to commit at the US Army All-American game if you get the chance?


You have a large offer list from schools all over the east, is distance a problem for you?

No, I was just in Texas last week for a basketball tournament.

Where do you see yourself playing on the offensive line in college?

Wherever they need me really, I would like to play tackle, but wherever I can get on the field.

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