Talking with Morgan Burnett

Morgan Burnett is no stranger to Georgia fans. He is the younger brother of Cap Burnett, the former safety that crushed Bulldog opponents from 1999 to 2002. Morgan is also a star safety. The four-star player from North Clayton High School has many schools wanting his signature. Last weekend he was at the combine and I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- What are the schools that you are interested in the most?
Morgan Burnett -- I like Georgia, Florida, Virginia Tech, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Auburn and some more.

DM -- Any school more than the others?

MB -- No, I am pretty much wide open right now.

DM -- Who is recruiting you at Georgia?

MB -- Coach Garner.

DM -- What do you like about him?

MB -- He is a real cool person. I like talking with him.

DM -- What else do you like about Georgia?

MB -- It's close to home and that's always good.

DM -- Do you know where you want to camp this summer?

MB -- I will camp anywhere Coach Shockley wants me to.

DM -- Thank you for your time.

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