Wood on track to qualify

Dean Legge recently spoke with Class of 2006 signee Brandon Wood, a defensive end from Buchanan, about his grades and what he's been doing since Signing Day.

Dean Legge: I am just calling to catch up with you. It's been a while since we've talked. Can you update me on how you are doing?

Brandon Wood: I am about to finish up school. I graduate on May 19.

Legge: A lot of people are asking about that. How close are you to qualifying – do you know?

Wood: I made the same score on the test. Now I have to make an "A" in psychology, which I already have…

Legge: Wait now – say that again…

Wood: I made the same score on the ACT, so now I have to make an "A" in psychology, which I already have. I just have to keep it up.

Legge: And all of that will be over with in May, correct?

Wood: Yes.

Legge: Assuming that you get the "A" – you and I are both assuming that – which, by the way if you get that "A" congrats because I know since you and I have known each other it's been a struggle for you to maintain your grades and get them up, don't you think?

Wood: Yeah.

Legge: What will you do after you graduate? Will you immediately go to Athens, or what?

Wood: In June – yes.

Legge: What are you looking forward to the most about getting up there?

Wood: To be on the team – to be a Bulldog.

Legge: You see their defensive ends – what do you think about those two guys?

Wood: They are pretty good because they are division one players. I think Quentin Moses and Charles Johnson – they are the best. I think that I can come up there and practice hard and play hard, and that I can get into the rotation with them.

Legge: Are you the same size – have you lost weight or gained any?

Wood: I have gained a little weight. I am about at 260.

Legge: What where you at the end of your senior season?

Wood: About 245.

Legge: So you have managed to gain 15 pounds – how did you do that?

Wood: Working out.

Legge: Constantly?

Wood: Yes, before I had to stop for my surgery…

Legge: What's going on there?

Wood: I had a pinched nerve that would not fix itself.

Legge: How long ago was the surgery?

Wood: About a month ago. I go for my last check up Friday.

Legge: Was that the first time you have had surgery?

Wood: Yes…

Legge: Make you nervous?

Wood: Uhhh… A little bit.

Legge: How much does that affect your workout?

Wood: Now it affects it a lot because I have to work out my legs. My legs are what I work with the most in football anyway, so I have been working out my legs. My legs are still strong. I can leg press still, but I have to work back up on my press bench.

Legge: I know that you have been in Buchanan your whole life – what are you going to miss the most?

Wood: I hang out with my friends all the time – that's about it.

Legge: Is it going to be tough driving away from there the last time?

Wood: It won't be too bad.

Legge: Have you talked with your mother about it?

Wood: Now she is upset about it. She gets all sad because I'm her youngest son.

Legge: So do you talk with Coach Fabris up there, or who are you talking to these days?

Wood: I talk with Coach Fab sometimes, but I talk with Coach Bobo the most.

Legge: Do you hear about some of the guys they are recruiting these days?

Wood: Not anymore, but I have heard about them.

Legge: Who are you looking forward to seeing the most as far as your teammates that are in this class are concerned? Is there a guy you are looking forward to competing with a lot?

Wood: Stafford. I like him.

Legge: Have you met Matthew?

Wood: Yeah, I met him.

Legge: Have you seen him throw?

Wood: Yeah. He can throw.

Legge: He's got an arm doesn't he?

Wood: Yeah – he does… I can't wait…

Legge: I saw him that first time, and I couldn't believe it – well, I could believe it, obviously, but it just is like a rifle coming off his arm…

Wood: It's crazy (laughing)…

Legge: Have you seen anything like that?

Wood: No I haven't….

Legge: I know people are saying that he's going to have to earn it, and that's true, but I think at the same time there is not denying his natural ability to throw that ball. Does it make you want to play fullback at all?

Wood: No. Just defense.

Legge: So Bobo keeps you up to date as far keeping in touch with you. I know they have had a lot of recruiting stuff lately – how often do they talk with you?

Wood: I haven't talked with them in couple of weeks. I heard that someone else committed.

Legge: You know one of the commitments for 2007 committed last October. He had you beat by five months. What do you think about that?

Wood: Gosh.

Legge: That's like 16 or 17 months before he would sign; he committed to Georgia.

Wood: Whoa!

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