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Jonathan Massaquoi does it all for Central Gwinnett High School. On offense he plays tight end and on defense he plays linebacker and defensive end. Georgia already has one Massaquoi playing for them, his cousin Mohamed, maybe in the future there will be one more. Jonathan talked to me about his cousin, how recruiting is going and a lot more at the recent combine and this is what he had to say.

Dave McMahon -- What schools are you interested in right now?

Jonathan Massaquoi -- Georgia, Louisville, Auburn, Ball State, Indiana, Tennessee and Georgia Tech.

DM -- Any favorites?

JM -- None right now.

DM -- Do you know where you are going to camp this summer?

JM -- Not yet, I am getting all the information I can right now and then I will decide which other combines and which camps I will go to.

DM -- Have you been to Georgia's campus yet?

JM -- Yes, I have been there twice to see my cousin, Mohamed Massaquoi. I like the campus a lot.

DM -- How often do you talk to your cousin?

JM -- As much as possible. I talked to him last week and he gave me advice before I competed in the combine.

DM -- Have you talked to any of Georgia's coaches yet?

JM -- Not yet, but I plan on doing it real soon.

DM -- You play a few different positions in high school, what do you want to play on the next level?

JM -- I like playing tight end the best. I like being the playmaker.

DM -- Any particular majors you are looking for at a school?

JM -- I either want to be a criminal justice major or do something in sports medicine.

DM -- Thank you for your time.

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