Nesbitt discusses recruiting

Dean Legge recently spoke with one of the top prospects in Georgia – Greene County quarterback Josh Nesbitt.

Dean Legge: What's your thinking on recruiting right now? Have you talked with a bunch of schools lately?

Josh Nesbitt: No.

Legge: There's not a lot of information out there about you, and people are very interested in what you have to say – that's why I am calling. Who do you have offers from?

Nesbitt: Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Auburn, Duke and North Carolina.

Legge: Which of those have you visited so far?

Nesbitt: Georgia, Georgia Tech and North Carolina.

Legge: What was Athens like when you went up there?

Nesbitt: It was good. It had a different feel to it.

Legge: Is it a place you are interested in going to, or are you wide open right now?

Nesbitt: Wide open.

Legge: Are you going to camp at all this summer?

Nesbitt: I don't know if I am going to go to camp yet this summer. I know that I am going to a Peyton Manning camp.

Legge: Where is that camp going to be?

Nesbitt: I think it's in Louisiana

Legge: Are you looking forward to that?

Nesbitt: Yes.

Legge: Are the Mannings going to be there?

Nesbitt: I don't know.

Legge: How did you get involved in that?

Nesbitt: I looked it up on the Internet, and my coaches suggested that I go.

Legge: So how good is Greene County going to be this season?

Nesbitt: This year we will be better than last year.

Legge: What kind of talent are you working with? Do you have some receivers over there? It's not just all you, is it?

Nesbitt: No, it's not all me. We've got a couple of receivers down here, and we've got a good running back and fullback. We are good.

Legge: Who is recruiting you for Georgia?

Nesbitt: Coach Martinez.

Legge: How is your relationship with him?

Nesbitt: It's good – we have a good relationship.

Legge: Do you have favorites at all? You said you were wide open, but is there like a top ten or a top five, or are you just completely wide open?

Nesbitt: Completely wide open.

Legge: Does Matthew Stafford being at Georgia affect the way you are thinking about Georgia?

Nesbitt: I really have not thought about it.

Legge: Did you like Georgia Tech when you went up there?

Nesbitt: Yes.

Legge: What was impressive about Tech to you?

Nesbitt: How everyone was straightforward with me.

Legge: And you said you visited North Carolina – did you like their stadium?

Nesbitt: It was a good stadium.

Legge: I know you have a year before you sign, but what are you looking for in a school?

Nesbitt: I really have not wanted to take the time yet to think about it. I want it to just come to me.

Legge: Are you going to take some visits this fall, or are you going to wait until January?

Nesbitt: I am not sure yet.

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