Stop... Hammer Time

Jenny Dahlgren's resume is already amazing and she is only a junior. Georgia's hammer throw specialist is a 5-time All-American and she won the 2006 SEC Indoor Field Athlete of the Year award. She holds all the school's top throwing records and she currently holds the 13th longest throw in the world this year. (counting amateurs and professionals) She was also a member of the 2004 Olympic Team and she is trying to qualify for the 2008 games as well. And oh yeah, she found time to talk to me.

Dave McMahon -- How long have you been competing in track and field events?

Jenny Dahlgren -- For about six years. I did the shot put and discus in middle school and then later I started with the hammer throws.

DM -- You compete in three events for Georgia (shot put, discus and hammer throw), which is your favorite?

JD -- I love the hammer throw... it is my main event. I do the other two, to help Georgia gain points in the meet.

DM -- You have won the hammer throw in all 5 of your outdoor meets this season and you out threw the 2nd place competitor by over 22 meters this past week... I know you enjoy winning, but sometimes even if you win, do you get mad at yourself if you don't throw as far as you should?

JD -- Every time I am competing I want to win, but I also look at the current national list and see what the top throws are my event and I try to top that.

DM -- Did you set a goal for yourself, a distance, that you want to accomplish this year?

JD -- I want to throw 70 meters. Last week I broke the Georgia record by throwing 69.12 meters, but 70 meters is something I really want.

DM -- You were a 2004 Olympian, what do you have to do to qualify for the 2008 games?

JD -- There are certain standard throws you have to accomplish. I think its a 68 meters right now, which I have done already. I would have to get that within a year before the games begin.

DM -- Besides yourself, your mother competed in the 1972 Olympic games in the 100 meter dash. Are they any males that compete in your families or are all the good athletes in the family female?

JD -- There are good males in the family. My brother runs for his high school and my dad is a natural athlete. Even at 53, I bet he can still do a back flip if you asked him to.

DM -- Thank you for your time. This week Jenny will compete in the Drake relays in Iowa, where she has already won twice in her career and in two weeks, her and and the track team will host the Georgia Invitational on May 6th.

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