Munzenmaier "Dreams" of playing at Georgia

Dean Legge recently spoke with Class of 2006 signee Fred Munzenmaier, a fullback from Norcross, about what he's been doing since Singing Day.

Dean Legge: Tell me about how things have been going for you since Signing Day…

Fred Munzenmaier: Things have been going pretty well. I have been out of school since December. I kind of had hopes of going to school in January, but that didn't work out. Now I am going to come in with the regular class. I've just been working hard every day staying in shape.

Legge: Have you added or cut weight?

Munzenmaier: I'm at 230 right now.

Legge: How eager are you to get up to Athens at this point? You've been out of school for four months now…

Munzenmaier: I can't wait. I have had a pretty good time with not having to go to school or anything – as you could imagine that's been pretty good. But the dream is right around the corner, and I can't even explain how excited I am.

Legge: Do you know when you will go – in May or June?

Munzenmaier: We are not sure yet. I should know this week or so.

Legge: What are you most eager about going up there?

Munzenmaier: Playing - for sure. I want to get in there and see what college football is all about.

Legge: Realistically speaking, Georgia has two experienced fullback – wouldn't you think it would be hard to go up there and immediately start playing?

Munzenmaier: At fullback, yes it would be hard to go up there and play. I have high hopes to play special teams.

Legge: Right. And do you see that as a key to getting onto the field, and avoiding a redshirt?

Munzenmaier: Yes. The coaches spoke with me a lot about playing special teams. They are a little concerned that they are using a lot of their starters out there, and they need some bodies to do that job. I am not real sure what the situation is going to be up there as far as redshirting is concerned. I am sure they will tell me that as soon as a couple of days up there in camp. Getting on the field in the first year will probably be on special teams. But I am going to go and give it my best shot.

Legge: Do you talk with the coaches these days?

Munzenmaier: I know they are busy with recruiting, but I still manage to talk with Coach Bobo every now and then. I have talked with Coach Ball a couple of times.

Legge: What are you impressions of him?

Munzenmaier: I have met him once, and talked with him on the phone a couple of times. He seems like a great guy. He said, after watching my film, that he was excited about me coming to Georgia – and that made me feel pretty good. I am pretty comfortable with him being the coach. From what I hear he's an amazing guy, and so far all the players love him.

Legge: There is another guy from Gwinnett County that is at Georgia and plays fullback as well. How well do you know Brannan Southerland, and do you talk with him?

Munzenmaier: He was my host on my official visit. He is a great guy. He is not one of those types that I will dislike competing against. I hope he will help me out with a lot of things and show me the ropes.

Legge: Do you think about what number you would like to wear?

Munzenmaier: I think about it every now and then. I am not sure about the situation with what will be available when I get there. I have never been too big on the number thing. It's cool to have a number you like, but when it comes down to it, it's just a number.

Legge: When you run, what are you running?

Munzenmaier: I do speed and agility training twice a week. Another day I will run stadiums or sprints up at the school. There is not too much distance. The stadiums are about as much distance as I do. Mainly I am working on being in shape so that I can play. I am working on quick stuff – stopping and going, stopping and going. It's certainly a work out.

Legge: What are you maxing out on bench these days?

Munzenmaier: About 370…

Legge: So you've graduated from high school, and you're not yet in college – what do you do the rest of the day? You could not possibly work out eight hours a day.

Munzenmaier: It takes at least two or three hours of my day. I get up and eat breakfast…

Legge: What time do you get up these days?

Munzenmaier: Around 9:00--and I do a couple of things before it's time to go work out. By the time I am done working out my friends are usually out of school, so we go hang out, go fishing or play poker.

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