And the next pick is...

Leonard Pope is just days away from becoming the last Georgia Bulldog tight end in the NFL. The NFL has 3 already (McMichael, Watson and Wiggins) and Pope could be the best one yet. Mock drafts have him listed to be drafted anywhere from late in the first round to late in the second round. Overall he is listed as the 3rd best tight end in the draft. Recently he found time to talk to me about the draft and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- How did you feel about your performances in the combines?

Leonard Pope -- I felt real good. I ran well and I did a good job catching the ball, too. A lot of the teams liked my size.

DM -- Can you say what teams have been talking to you?

LP -- A lot of them have. No one in particular.

DM -- What have you done since you have left Athens?

LP -- I've been working out and working out a lot.

DM -- Where are you going to watch the draft?

LP -- Back home. I am going to Americus and watch it with my family.

DM -- How do you feel about the future of tight ends at the University of Georgia?

LP -- I think it will be real good. Martrez Milner will do a good job.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck with the draft.

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