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Brian Jester knows a lot about power. During Georgia's national championship season in 1990, Jester led Georgia and the SEC in home runs with 17. He ended up with 30 career blasts. He is currently the Bulldogs Director of Baseball Operations. Current first baseman Josh Morris has 43 career home runs and is currently 2 behind Georgia record holders Doc Brooks and Roger Miller. As Josh approches the record, Brian talked to me about Josh, the record and home runs and this is what he had to say.

Dave McMahon --You have seen, Josh Morris over the last 3 seasons, is he having his best power season this year?

Brian Jester -- I think so. Coach Sisson is doing a tremendous job. Josh's overall approach to hitting is so improved.

DM -- Not to age you at all, but is it easier or tougher now, to hit home runs?
BJ -- It is a little of both. The pitching is so much more difficult which makes it tougher. But the players are so more advanced with their strength programs and they are more healthier now, which makes it easier. Plus the fences are 10 feet closer now, so that makes it a lot easier, too.

DM -- You never played with Doc Brooks, but you were teammates with Roger Miller... so take both Miller and Josh Morris is their prime, who is the better home run hitter?

BJ -- That's a tough one, but Morris is so much bigger and stronger I would have to say him.

DM -- What about you and Josh Morris?

BJ -- I would have to say Josh again.

DM -- Any of the young Georgia players have a lot of power that might make a run for records one day?

BJ -- I think Gordon Beckham is real good. He's got it. He's got such great hands when he swings.

DM -- Who is the best power hitter you ever played against?

BJ -- Frank Thomas was pretty good.

DM -- Thank you for your time.

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