Hebron ready for move to Athens

Dean Legge recently spoke with Class of 2006 signee Akeem Hebron, a linebacker from Maryland, about what he's been doing since Singing Day.

Dean Legge: Tell me about how things have been going for you since Signing Day…

Akeem Hebron: I've been running and lifting a lot since then.

Legge: Did the coaching staff send you the packet to start working on?

Hebron: Yes, they sent it to me.

Legge: How different is that from what you have been doing in high school?

Hebron: It's almost the same thing I have been doing. It's not much different.

Legge: When are you planning on going down to Athens?

Hebron: To report for classes?

Legge: Yes…

Hebron: June 5th.

Legge: You know the exact date – don't you?

Hebron: Yes.

Legge: What's it going to be like leaving home for the last time?

Hebron: I think it will be something I have to adjust to with it being so far away from home. But I think once I get down there it won't be as bad as I think.

Legge: You know Georgia is pretty loaded at linebacker right now – how do you get onto the field in 2006?

Hebron: Working hard, and trying to learn the plays.

Legge: What strength of yours will get you onto the field?

Hebron: I think I am the fastest out of all of the rest of the linebackers. I think that's a plus.

Legge: How's that finger doing, man?

Hebron: It's better…

Legge: That was creepy looking – I have to tell you (Hebron's pinky was injured, and turned slightly during the US Army All-American Bowl in January).

Hebron: I know – it's gotten better. It's still not fully healed, but its better.

Legge: Do you keep up with the guys that Georgia signed? Do you know any of those guys very well?

Hebron: I know most of them from taking my official visit. Most of us still keep in touch. We talk on the computer to each other, and on the phone.

Legge: How is Anderson doing these days? I can't get him on the phone to save my life.

Hebron: He called me a couple of times, and that was it. I have not talked with him in a while.

Legge: So you don't know anything about his grades or anything like that? People are not certain what the deal is with his grades.

Hebron: I've not talked with him. I will try to give him a call.

Legge: What's it going to be like leaving Maryland? Is it all crab cakes up there or is that a stereotypical thing people talk about?

Hebron: It's a little different up here. I don't think its that much of a difference thought.

Legge: What are you looking forward to the most when you get to Athens?

Hebron: Getting to meet the rest of the players I have not met before.

Legge: Is there a guy you are looking forward to meeting or competing against more than the others?

Hebron: Not really. Most of the guys in our class took their official visit with me.

Legge: Who stuck out personality-wise on that visit? Who was the leader of the click?

Hebron: Uh…

Legge: Was it you?

Hebron: We were all the same. Everyone had the mindset that they wanted to come in there and play. I believe we are all leaders. It was like me, Dewberry, Asher Allen

Legge: Did you see his spring game?

Hebron: I heard about it. I heard it was pretty good.

Legge: He had a hell of a game – it was impressive; I'll say that. What's Dewberry up to? Do you talk with him much?

Hebron: I talk with him every two weeks…

Legge: People are concerned on his grades – do you know anything on that?

Hebron: He told me that he should be good. He never mentioned to me that his grades are slipping up…

Legge: There's another Akeem in y'all's class that plays linebacker is that going to be confusing when you get to Athens?

Hebron: I don't think so. He took his official with me – I don't think its going to be that confusing.

Legge: Y'all have got some sick linebackers, and now the four of y'all… is that something that's going to keep y'all together in the time that you will be up there – the fact that y'all are all coming in together, which means y'all will all four play four or five years together in Athens. Is that something special will all of y'all together in the same class.

Hebron: I think it's pretty special. Three out of the four took our official together. I have not talked with Akeem Dent or Gamble that much, but me and Dewberry are going to room together when we get there.

Legge: What's Dewberry like? I know as players, you two are the most celebrated players (at linebacker) in a while… Do y'all have chemistry?

Hebron: We got along real well on the official visit. He is the person that I talk with the most. When I play I always get excited. After watching him on film I can see that he does the same thing. When we talk we talk about how we both have a good chance if we can go in and do what we are supposed behind some of these seniors.

Legge: They are loaded at linebacker, though. Not trying to say that you won't play, but don't you think that special teams will be a reason that you would get onto the field?

Hebron: I think the summer, and two-a-days will be my big chance to step up and show what I can do. I know what I can do – its just a matter of how fast I can adjust from high school to college.

Legge: Any words to the Bulldog fans out there?

Hebron: I can't wait to get down to Athens. I think we are going to be real good next year. I can't wait to get down there with everyone.

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